One Of The Most Anticipated Beaver Builder Plugins Is Here!

Game changer for how you interact with your cilents!

User Access Extended (UAE) Version 1.1.5

User Access Extended gives you the power to control what settings a client should have access to or not have access to on a Beaver Builder built page.

Restrict access to modules, settings and more and simplify life for you and your clients!

Simple, powerful and intuitive!

Required Plugin: Beaver Builder

A Game Changer For How You Interact With Your Clients.

Take control of what your clients can edit or not edit!


Lock and Restrict Access

Only want clients to be able to edit certain sections of a page?

With UAE, you can lock down any module or row and prevent your clients from being able to edit those sections.

This allows you to control what elements your clients are allowed to edit on the web page!


Remove Settings From Users

Only want your clients to be able to change a few settings within a row, columns and modules?

Beaver Builder is a powerful tool with many settings, but for clients this can be overwhelming and confusing, putting them at risk to potentially break your design.

With UAE, you are now able to hide settings within the settings lightbox from your clients, preventing them from having access. This allows you to show only the settings you want to grant clients the ability to edit.

Clients Point of View

Once you set your access control for the page, your clients can only view the settings you give them access to edit.

This will give you confidence to give your client access to edit their own web page, and rest assure they can only edit what you allow.

Clean and simple!


User Access Profiles

With the addition of 'User Access Profiles, you are now able to set multiple restrictions on a single layout based on user roles or user names. This will allow you to give customized access to each client or user. For example, you can allow a client access to edit solely the text while another user from the client's company has access to edit only the images. You can even block one user's access to a page while allowing another user full access to the page. You choose the amount of client access you want to give. The options and power are yours! 

Outline Panel Integration

Beaver Builder 2.5 brought us all the outline panel that allows you to see your layout in a list view. It has been a game changer for how easy it is to quickly edit a layout. 

With User Access Extended 1.1 you can now use the power of the outline panel to set user access for the page. This gives you the ability to see an overview of the page and see what is restricted and what is not. Super powerful and intuitive! 

Frequently Asked Questions

Does UAE work with multisite?

Yes, but you will need the unlimited license in order to get updates for the plugin on the network.

You can activate the license on any sub site or in the main network admin.

Does it work with 3rd party plugins such as UABB and Powerpack?

Yes, most 3rd party plugins are fully compatible with UAE.

However, not all 3rd party plugins have been fully tested. Sometimes 3rd party plugins use custom techniques that may extend past Beaver Builder recommended way to build add-ons and because of this there may situations UAE may not work as expected. We are always working to fix those situations to ensure full capability.

What is your return policy?

If UAE does not change you and your clients life for the better and you are unhappy with your purchase, we will gladly refund your money within the first 14 days of purchase.


User Access Extended - version 1.1.0

User Access Extended - version 1.0




  • Fixed: Error caused by bp_uae_admin_notices() function expecting arguments



  • Added: Support for Beaver Builder 2.7 Responsive Iframe UI
  • Fixed: CSS for layout locks



  • Fixed: Outline sometimes not show lock icons when UAE is activated.
  • Fixed: Clients having access to restricted elements if the editing session is restarted after saving the page.
  • Fixed: Client sometimes not being able to save page after making changes.
  • Refactored: Rendering components to comply with React 18.



  • Fixed: Dotted outline error when saving a layout.
  • Fixed: Issue applying restrictions to an element with breakpoint settings applied.



  • Fixed: Potential (class does not exist) issue if Beaver Builder is deactivated.
  • Refactored: PHP and BB version checks



  • Added: Client access profiles - Allows for multiple access settings per page based on users roles or username.
  • Added: Outline integration - Integrates with Beaver Builders outline panel to make settings page access rules quick and intuitive.
  • Added: Column access settings - Set access rules for columns in much the same way as row and modules.
  • Refactored: Master page locks (non outline panel) moved the master page locks to top of page under nav bar.
  • Refactored: Many functions and classes within vs 1.O for the future versions and react js.



  • Fixed: When using negative margins to overlap elements on the page it caused an issue with not being able to access the lock settings for those elements.



  • Fixed: Activation icon not showing when Beaver Builder (agency version) white label enabled.



Beta 3


  • Added: Multisite network license page (shows when network activated).
  • Added: Multisite sub-site license activation. (If not network activated you can add a license on a sub-site).
  • Fixed: Refactored the "client mode" toggle switch
  • Fixed: Translation issue where not all strings where being found
  • Improvements: Re-designed admin license page and activation process

Beta 2


  • Added: 'Client Mode' - the ability to show the settings from a clients perspective.
  • Added: User settings profiles structure. Feature for future updates.
  • Fixed: Node Lock covering Beaver Builders conditionals eye icon in node overlays.
  • Improvements: Refactored code

Beta 1


3 Sites

$59/per year Billed annually. cancel anytime

  • Support & Updates for 1 Year
  • 3 Sites
    ( Personal & Client )
  • 14 day refund policy
  • -


$129/per year Billed annually. cancel anytime

  • Support & Updates for 1 Year
  • Unlimited Sites
    ( Personal & Client )
  • 14 day refund policy
  • Multisite Compatible


$289.00 / one time

  • Lifetime Support & Updates
  • Unlimited Sites
    ( Personal & Client )
  • 14 day refund policy
  • Multisite Compatible


100% Money Back Guarantee

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