Themer Templates Version 1.3

Themer Templates expands on the popular Beaver Themer add-on for Beaver Builder.

Themer Templates allows you to add any singular themer layout as a page template. Simply select the layout to use as a page template from within any post edit page. Works with any post type.

Requires Plugins: Beaver Builder and Beaver Themer

Extending control of your page building experience.

Themer Templates gives you intuitive control of your Beaver Themer layouts!


Drop Down Easy!

Want a simple way to quickly add a custom page template?

Now you can easily use any of your singular Beaver Themer layouts as page templates. Add them to any page within the post edit page for any post type.  Easy!

Categories Your Templates!

Need a way to keep track of what layouts are available as page templates?

You have complete control on how you organize your layouts. Simply create any number of custom categories for layouts you want to use as page templates. Intuitive!

Frontside Edit and Create!

Want to create or edit post on the frontside of your site..with no admin needed?

You can now create and edit post or pages from any post type from the front side of you site! Great for giving clients easy access to content without the need to dig into the admin.

Simple Post Edit Pop-up!

Same options at your fingertips!

With the new frontend edit/create you can now choose your layout and add content all from a simple frontend pop-up. Simple!

Any Post Type!

Need control of where Themer Templates are to be used?

You can activate or deactivate any post type to work with Themer Templates. Control is up to you. Sweet!

Changes Made Simple!

Need to make edits to your themer layout template?

No worries! When adding a themer layout to your page it will behave in the same way a native themer layout will. Simply edit the original themer layout and changes will cascade to all pages that are using the layout as a page template. Awesome!

New Integrations

Now with (ACF) Advanced Custom Fields Integration!

Give your themer layouts life with custom fields.

With the new ACF integration you can now load in field groups from the frontside edit pop-up. Easy way to add content to all your Beaver Builder ACF connected fields within your layouts. You can even conditionally show only the ACF field groups based on a selected themer layout or page template. Powerful!

Wallace Inline Integration!

Create and edit on the fly.

Now you can edit and create a post/page and have Wallace Inline load automatically once you are redirect to the newly updated page. Game changer!


Plugin Verison 1.0 Overview

This video highlights the main features of the plugin.

Version 1.1 Overview

This video highlights the main features of version 1.1.

Version 1.1 More Features Overview

This video shows how to use frontend field settings and how to use it with Advanced Custom Fields.

Version 1.2 Overview

This video shows how to control user access and post edit settings at a page level.

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